Blog post #1 for therapists wanting to get on insurance panels: All Managed Care/EAP/PPO Panels are NOT Closed!



It is not true that all insurance panels are closed, or even that the “big” panels have stopped accepting therapists.

There are many reasons why even panels that have been closed for years may now have openings.

1. The Managed Care or EAP company may be trying to get a new contract and need therapists. For example, maybe UBH is trying to insure Company X in San Francisco.  Company X says to UBH “We need 100 therapists within 20 miles of our headquarters”.

If UBH does not have that many clinicians within 20 miles of Company X, they need to add more right away in order to be considered for the contract.

2. Maybe a group practice got off the insurance panel, so the Managed Care Company/EAP needs to add more clinicians.

3. You might have something they need, i.e. an expertise in couples counseling or addictions or geriatrics or adolescents, or ?; maybe you are bi-cultural, LGBT, have an office in a certain zip code, or can do testing etc.

Even if the insurance panel is full right now, apply in case any of the above occur. And make sure you send in your managed care resume/cover letter at least once a year.

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Fran Wickner, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), MFT (Counseling Psychology) has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1983. In addition to seeing clients in her Albany, CA office, Dr. Wickner is a practice building consultant and offers individual consultations and regularly scheduled workshops. She is also available to speak to your consult group or professional association on all aspects of building and expanding your private practice. Consultations also available via email or phone.

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