“Workshop in a Box”: Presenting a workshop on TEEN ALCOHOL/DRUG USE and PREVENTION



Presenting workshops, trainings and seminars are an excellent practice building strategy.  It is a way to get clients and build your reputation as an expert.  In addition to the extra income, presenting workshops is a way to diversify your practice.

This packet will give you the STEP-BY-STEP information needed to present a workshop on                                                                                                          TEENS AND DRUG/ALCOHOL USE and PREVENTION   including:

  • -lecture notes
  • -handouts
  • -presentation materials

You will save hours and hours by being able to copy the handouts right on to your letterhead, and will have a lecture already written out  for you to use.

In addition to a complete “WORKSHOP IN A BOX” on adolescents, drugs and alcohol , you will also get general information that will be HELPFUL FOR ANY WORKSHOP OR PRESENTATION YOU GIVE including details on the STEPS TO SUCCEED IN BEING A PRESENTER such as:

  • -Choosing your audience: How to decide who to present the workshop to (professionals and/or potential clients)
  • -Content of your presentation
  • -The length of your talk
  • -Organizing the presentation
  • -Presentation format
  • -Visual aids/Handouts
  • -Venue
  • -Price
  • -Practicing/Rehearsing
  • -Offering CEUs (if presenting to professionals)

All of this information for less than the price of getting one new client coming in just one time.




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