How to become a Continuing Education (CE) Provider

Thinking about offering continuing education units to professionals?  Being able to offer continuing education is a way to not only increase your income, but also increase your visibility. This packet shows you how to do it.

There are many reasons to become a continuing education provider.

  1. It is a way to diversify your income.
  2. If you are a clinician, it can be a way to increase referrals to your practice or your agency.  Clients and other practitioners can see what you specialize in based on the workshops you offer.
  3. You can showcase an area of expertise by being a teacher.

This packet contains a checklist of what is typically needed.  It also has the forms you need if you want to become a CEU provider.   No need to reinvent the wheel; use these sample forms as a template for your workshops and trainings.

Packet includes: Steps to becoming a continuing education provider including

    1. types of courses you can teach
    2. number of continuing education units you can offer
    3. cost to become a CEU provider
    4. how to start
    5. compliance

Sample sign-in sheet Sample CEU certificate Sample CEU course evaluation CEU Provider Checklist Selected list of CEU organizations


(Note to California therapists:  the process of becoming a CEU provider changed in 2015.  The BBS is no longer issuing provider numbers.  Please check the BBS website for details.)

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