THE COMPLETE MANAGED CARE PACKET contains five sections;  the description of each section is below.

The COMPLETE PACKET will tell you everything you need to know to GET ON INSURANCE PANELSGET REFERRALS FROM INSURANCE PANELS and WRITE TREATMENT PLANS so that you can get additional sessions if needed.

This product is for therapists who

1.  Want to know more about Managed Care/EAPs/PPOs so they can decide if they want to become a provider.

2.  Already know they would like to increase the number of referrals to their practice and want to use being an insurance provider to accomplish this goal.

Included in packet:

Nuts and Bolts of Behavioral Healthcare: A Managed Care Overview.

This section is a general overview of behavioral healthcare that will cover:

  • Alphabet Soup: Insurance Terms Explained
  • The Philosophy of Managed Care
  • What insurance companies are looking for in their providers
  • Services/Clinical Specialties insurance companies want
  • Presenting Problems common in insurance referrals
  • Advantages and disadvantages for clients using their insurance
  • Advantages and disadvantages for being an insurance provider

Managed Care Resumes and Cover Letters: Samples for therapists wanting to get on insurance panels (i.e. become a managed care/eap/ppo provider)

Getting on Managed Care, EAP and PPO provider lists is an excellent way to build, expand or keep your practice full. Not only can you fill cancellations from on-going clients, but also you will be able to add new clients to your caseload.  The diversity of insurance clients is also an added plus, as well as a diversity of client issues. Writing a “managed care friendly” cover letter and resume, and filling out the applications you receive in a timely manner, will bring you additional clients into your practice. This section will show you what to put in your resume and cover letter.

Managed Care Application : How to fill out applications

How to answer some of the “tricky” questions on managed care applications. What to put in “Addendums”:  When you are filling out an insurance provider application, some of the companies want addendums with your specific experience, education and training in various clinical areas.  This section contains samples of how to do this.

How to Increase Managed Care/EAP/PPO Referrals: Sample Letters and Faxes.

Being a Managed Care/EAP/PPO provider can be a way to keep your practice full. But once you are on an insurance panel, you can’t just sit and wait to get referrals, you need to do something.   This section shows you what to do.

Treatment Plans.

Sample treatment plans for insurance companies.   Can also be used as a marketing tool to doctors, other providers, teachers, schools, etc.


NOTE:  Each packet can be ordered separately for $35, but you can order all five (included in this packet) for $95.



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