–Nuts and Bolts of Behavioral Healthcare: A Managed Care Overview


Confused about insurance, behavioral healthcare, Managed Care, EAPs, HMOs, etc?

This is a general overview that will cover:

-Alphabet Soup: Insurance Terms Explained

-The Philosophy of Managed Care

-What insurance companies are looking for in their providers

-Services/Clinical Specialties insurance companies want

-Presenting Problems common in insurance referrals

-Advantages and disadvantages for clients using their insurance

-Advantages and disadvantages for being an insurance provider

-Managed Care/EAP/PPO Resources


NOTE:  This information is contained in THE COMPLETE MANAGED CARE PACKET along with sections on How to write your “Managed Care friendly” resume and cover letter, How to fill out MC/EAP/PPO provider applications, Strategies to Increase Referrals from Insurance Companies,  and Treatment Plans.

More information, lower cost, if you order THE COMPLETE MANAGED CARE PACKET instead of each section individually.

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