–Becoming an Insurance Provider: How to fill out Managed Care/EAP/PPO Applications

When you get an application to become a provider for a Managed Care company, an EAP or a PPO, sometimes clinicians are unsure what aspects of their practice they should highlight;  this packet helps expidite and simplify the process by:

  • -Showing you how to answer some of the trickier questions 
  • -Including detailed information and samples of what insurance companies are looking for when they ask for ADDENDUMS

When an insurance company has an addendum section on the application, they want you to show specific experience, education and training in various clinical areas.  They are asking for the addendum to see if you have expertise in certain clinical areas.  This does not mean you have to be an expert; the insurance companies are looking for experience.

This packet contaings the actual addendums I used to get on insurance panels.  You will get ideas on how to use seminars and workshops you attended or presented, classes you took in graduate school and jobs you had in order to show experience and expertise for the applications.

NOTE:  This information is contained in THE COMPLETE MANAGED CARE PACKET along with sections on Nuts and Bolts of Behavioral Healthcare: A Managed Care Overview, How to Write a Managed Care Resume and Cover Letter, Strategies to Increase Referrals from Insurance Companies and Treatment Plans.

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